Rad Tech and RN
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Radiologic Technologist vs. Registered Nurse

 Radiologic technology and registered nursing are two of the most sought after careers in health care. A radiographer is skilled at using medical equipment such as x rays to create diagnostic images. A RN's job is to provide and patient care, educate patients on what their medical conditions are and how to prevent further problems, educate the public on health conditions and provide medical advice. Sometimes, they provide emotional support to patients and their family.

Radiology Technician

You can become a medical radiation technologist with just a 2 year associate degree. There are four year bachelor's degree programs as well. The average radiology technician salary is $55,780 a year, source: http://radiologytechniciansalarysource.com. People with bachelor's degrees usually make more. There is a 21% rate of job growth between 2014 to 2018. Some advantages of being a radiology technician are that you get to help diagnose patients, work hands on with computers, salary, and job security. Some cons of being a radiographer are the amount of time you spend on your feet, assisting patients by lifting them onto the table, and the dangers of using the equipment incorrectly.


 A career in nursing can be generalized or specialized. There are a lot of ways you can use a registered nursing degree. You can enter a bachelor's of nursing program, an associate degree program or a diploma from an accredited nursing program. The average salary for a RN is $65,570 a year. There is a 19% expected job growth rate in 2020. Some of the pros of a nursing career are the diversity of the work, the salary, job security, good feeling of accomplishment, and flexible schedules. Some disadvantages are handling disgruntle patients, the long hours working, lots of time on feet, lots of bending and stretching. Also, you will have to comfort family when a patient dies or makes a turn for the worst.

Rad Tech VS. RN

 Both careers have amazing potential. It all depends on which one best suit you. Nurses will have more contact with patients and doctors. X-ray technician will interact mostly with patients. Nurses have more work environments. They can work in schools, doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, etc. Radiologic technologist mostly works in hospitals. If you want more flexibility and more diverse working conditions, registered nursing is for you. On the other hand, you love to work with computers and want a stable predictable work environment, radiologic technology is the best choice.

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